Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Once we knew of the conditions in so many northern communities we had to act. Our purpose became to save dogs from being trapped and shot in the isolated communities of Moosonee, Moose Factory, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan.
- We have placed over 1000 dogs to date, and we are grateful to have known each one of them -
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moosonee puppy rescue

April 3, 2014 | When is enough, enough 

Glacier is the pup shown above and he has more than proved that being honest, strong, patient, sweet and loving is not nearly enough to ensure a fair chance at life. He is one of the pups that came down to us with his two siblings in early January. His mother had been shot and three other members of his litter had frozen to death because they had been left unattended by their owners in minus fifty degree cold. Somehow, Arctic, Celsius and Glacier had survived though and it must have been due to how they had taken care of one another. No pup understands starving and freezing to death but they do understand survival and they did what was necessary to stay alive long enough to be found by our rescue worker.This was their beginning.

It took time for them to gain some strength and be nurtured back to health but their foster mom more than did her job. Glacier was by far the most sensitive of the three and when this sister,Celsius, became quite ill it was Glacier that lay with her to keep her small body both warm and safe. All three pups grew up to be healthy and strong and one by one they were adopted. The first home to adopt Glacier was thrilled with him and after a home visit and many questions we were happy with them as well. It took only four days, however, for the woman to email and say she couldn't keep Glacier. As much as she had wanted her human baby to grow up with a puppy she now found it was just too much for her. We took him back in the blink of an eye and when the husband drove him to us he told us what a great pup Glacier was and how his return was no fault of his own. I am angry when these things happen because we take great care to find the right home for each and every dog we place and I let them down when I get it wrong. The rejection of a puppy is a hard thing to accept.

It didn't take long though for another family to be interested in Glacier, and why not, he was growing into a devilishly handsome boy. They knew of his hard and cold start to life and I told them how he had been placed once and returned. He had been slightly confused when he was brought back into foster care and I couldn't find the words to explain to him that the human race is odd and unpredictable. After all, dogs have so much hope, faith and forgiveness in them that I didn't want to appear shallow to him. The new family was sure he was the one for them and again, after a home visit and many questions we felt it was a good home for our boy. It was just over a week before the phone call came saying they couldn't keep Glacier any longer. Turned out the woman was allergic to him - not her other dog - just Glacier. Of course we took him back but this time I didn't even try to explain anything to him. I swear I saw him shrug his shoulders as he walked into yet another foster home. He certainly makes himself at home though and gets along with other dogs in the home and accepts his initial time of being hazed a bit by an older male. Glacier is happy accepting life for what it is. I am sure he is so grateful for just being alive that he is not about to complain when he is warm and well fed. I think at night though, he remembers his three, two week old siblings that did not live long enough to make it out of the frozen wood pile they were all hiding in. Next to that what is rejection? Only I am angered by the treatment this noble boy of character is receiving. His new foster family renamed him Lucas as if to break some spell of ill fortune. It is a proud and hopeful name though I think. Soon enough, Lucas will find the right forever home and he will be a better dog than most for having loved everybody he met, even those who so easily let him go. 

Cole (below) is a five year old purebred chocolate lab and he was taken to Attawapiskat to use as a stud. Oddly enough, the father and son who thought up the clever idea of buying two females and one male and breeding them didn't think things through and one pup froze to death while they argued over who would actually take care of the pups. We placed Tess and her pups and Molly just found her forever but a few of her pups still await theirs. Cole was the last to come down to us and he is recovering well from being chained, neglected and abused. His heart is huge and while he must have thought he would never be appreciated or understood he has all the love and attention he could wish for now. He never knew so much kindness existed in the world. He is a darling boy who held just enough hope and faith in his heart to keep him sane. He is unnerved by some things but every day he gets braver and happier as learns what life can be off a chain outside of Attawapiskat. Cole will be neutered soon and looking for a home where he is accepted and adored. This dog is honest, true and full of character and anyone fortunate to know him will be a better person for having looked into his eyes.  

- Sharron

moosonee puppy rescue

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We will have pups with us as well as some young dogs that are most deserving of forever homes.

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